Product Detail

EM900 Series

EM900 Series is a kind of full intelligent and high-frequency online UPS. The capacity involes 1KVA-10KVA (single –input single-output ) and 10KVA-20KVA (three-input single-output).

EM900 series fully demonstrates the sophisticated  technology of  JTE, and adopts advanced technology of 32 bit high speed control system and 40 KHZ speed control system. It offers advantages that unclude compact dimensions, low weight, and excellent energy effuciency. Based on the design of zero transition and advanced technology of wave output, it ensures that EM900 is applied widely for various loading conditions. As excellent power supply protection equipment , it is widely applied to commercial servers. PC servers peripherals , communication network equipment, persional office computer etc.

The EM900 series is widely used in data processing center, host system, assembling computer network, internet service provider (ISP), telecom, computer room, and domistic solar energy system. 

Series Performance and Features

Intelligent Digitization and High Reliability Performance:

DSP digital control technology:

Using Dsp digital control tehnology(full digital TI high performance DSP digital control technology). The advantage of this technology is making the accountancy data more accurate and efficient, which ensures more stable and reliable performance of UPS and reilable quality.

Intelligent mangement system:

UPS is equipped with intelligent, extensible management function, aldo applicable to be installed with WinpowerCMCVio card,SNMP card, AS400 card.

Highly input power factor:

Adopting the digitized control system of power factor correction (PFC), input power factor up to 0.99, avoiding power grid environmental contamination more efficiently, in order to achieve energy saving and reduce system cost.

Multifunctiona Design and Saftey Design: 

Start-up automatic diagnostic function:

When turned on, UPS can examine main circuits immediately which include inveter, batteries, load. It will daignose the problems timely, prevent additional losses.

Dtection  of input zero firing line:

In order to avoid the reversion of input zero firing line, the 1~3KVA equipmant are equipped with monitoring function.

High-precision Smd Technology With higher-precision:

EM900 has changed the traditional way of plug-in circuit processing, using high-precision SMD technology. It bring banefits to its customers such as space-saving, security operation, reliability, accuracy of integrated circuit.

SMD technology has eliminated the interference of high-frequency signals from its chip to other chips. Thus, it can maintain normal work during the process of operating.

The benefits of using SMD technology, high temperature resistance, high accuracy, excellent filtering performance, stable performance, sturdy and durable, increase the cycle life of equipment by up to 80%.

Wider input Voltage Range to increase Service Life of Batteries:

Based on its advantage of wider input voltage range, it still can be operated normally when working in atrocious survival environment, and reduce the charge cycles and discharge the batteries, increase the cell capacity and battery life.

Clustered Information Processing Technology, with Efficient Management:

EM900 uses cluster information processing technology, which provide a good understanding of operation procedures, load information, battery powered information from display panel. Its simplified approach provides extensive understanding of the power supply quality and its application environment to the users.

ECO-Friendly Design-Friendly Enivronment for users:     

High Input Power Factor with clean Energy

Power Factor Correction (PEC) input power fator more than 0.95, eliminate the pollution harm from UPS to the utility grid.

Design with Silencer, with Greener Environment:

Combining with alarm noise elimination function button on the control panel, eliminate unnecessary alarms.

Design by a life Emission Assessment Model-Energy Conservation:

Based on the life assessment, EM900 is much more durable, efficent and affordable by using FL-Carbon Crafts for its machine case.

Using high-tech fan with vortex-speed control systems powerful cooling performance, energy conservation.

Using non circulating control circuit electricity-saving and energy-saving.

Using advanced digital circuit and SMD technology increase the life of equipment by up to 80%.