Product Detail


Portable DC system is designed for solar energy independent power supply machine.Unified Integration effectively ensure that the controller, solar panels, batteries and other major devices match highly,to ensure system of high performance and compatibility. Easy to carry, beautiful and practical, customizable according to needs .Suitable for a variety of application scenarios, meeting the daily life and travel in the DC power supply needs.


● LiFePO4 12V/12AH with 12V/5A MPPT Solar Charge Controller having 2 numbers of 5V/2.4A USB output & 2 numbers of 12V/1A DC output

● 2000 cycles rechargeable lithium battery, long service life

● Controller  MPPT Configuration which shorten the time  charging battery fully to ensure the stability of the load work.

● The system adopts low power consumption industrial design, Self-consumption 10mA , greatly improve the  system power supply performance.

● Easy to carry.

● Chassis-style clever design, fine craft production,  compact structure, small size, light weight.